Sunday, March 27, 2011

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The use of metal keys for opening your hotel room is a thing of the past already. Today, most local and international hotel chains now offer high-tech hotel key cards, which allow their guests easy access to their rooms. For hotel guests, these access cards are also handy and lightweight, and also give hotel managers and owners other cost-effective benefits, as well as a more-improved manner of securing their establishment.

The Use Of Hotel Keycards Has Risen: Many tourist establishments today view the use of electronic key cards as a better and more high-tech option. Many hotels now utilize these electronic cards and their reliability has made them the preferred tool for use in college dorms, resorts and other home stay facilities. What makes this the equipment of choice is that hotel or dorm managers only need to recode the card each time a new guest moves in, especially if the room would be used only for a short stay. These types of cards also limit entry to restricted areas in facilities such as hospitals, colleges, government offices and corporate centers. The use of these plastic hotel key cards and badges provide a much higher level of security and privacy, which is a stringent requirement for most hotels, resorts and dormitories.
Other Key Card Perks: The plastic hotel key cards we see today at resorts and hotels have truly evolved from their conventional white plastic format, and are now also utilized as vital marketing tools for the businesses that use them. These electronically-formatted key cards now come in a wide array of unique designs and colors, and also display messages or advertisements that allow for convenient marketing tools. Today, there are many key card manufacturers, and each offer a different type of printing format or size. Hotels and resorts can choose from many designs and pricing schemes, and ensure that the card formats they agree upon are fully compatible with the existing locking systems of their facilities. Hotel owners and managers could check out each card manufacturer, and review the quality of their materials used, graphic and printing formats, and other advanced technological processes, as well as the quality of materials used in crafting the key card. Hotel guests need to be aware that the hotel will not quickly erase their basic personal information on the room entry cards, but will do so whenever a new guest arrives and checks in the room. The front desk staff will re-issue the card to the next guest, and will make sure that they overwrite the previous information stored. Another good aspect about using these plastic access cards is that they offer environment-friendly alternatives to metal keys, as well as eliminate the need for rewriting personal information on paper. Also, in the event that you lose your card during your stay, you can still access your room with a new keycard which will be issued to you, provided that you can prove to the front desk personnel that you are the rightful person who is checked-in to that room.

Helpful Key Card Options for Guests: Whenever a hotel wishes to implement the use of these electronic plastic access cards, they could have these customized to work well with their existing locking mechanisms and equipment. The cards may also be tested to ensure that they withstand regular wear and tear, and stay durable for as long as possible. You may also imprint the instructions for proper card use on the back portion of each plastic access card. These access cards are indispensable tools for restricting, as well as permitting, access to specific hotel rooms, especially in areas considered off-limits to hotel guests.

Apart from the efficient security features that these cards offer, these cards are also visually appealing, user-friendly and reliable marketing tools, and offer establishments with a wonderful advertising window, to help increase profits and ensure higher satisfaction by guests.


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